Weekly Review (and Preview!)

Part of my purpose for creating ValueTactics.com is to give regular updates of my activity with these tactics. It’s a way for readers to see how all this plays out in a real person’s life; not just as a string of hypothetical examples. With these weekly reviews you can see how day to day decisions and actions can add up and create a lot of value.

I also want to keep you updated on new card offers, points program changes, and other tactical intelligence to help you create and capture as much value as you can.

The 11% sale is finished at Menards, and there were two active ad flyers on Sunday.  I picked up 30 stackable locking storage jars, 4 paint brushes, and 2 stain brushes for a total of $0.00.  The total retail value was $70.09.

My free gas total for the week was $11.34 using free gas tactics.

I redeemed 5000 Wells Fargo Rewards for $50 cash.

I did my monthly update on my Big Spreadsheet and found that my wife and I had a net gain of 1,017 points this month (all types combined).  That didn’t seem like a lot until I remembered that I spent 45,000 miles on a round trip ticket to Costa Rica for a friend.

Travel News
My wife and I are packing our bags tonight, because tomorrow morning we take off to paradise to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

Order this and other great panoramic prints at Blakeway Panoramas.

Order this and other great panoramic prints at Blakeway Panoramas.

Stay tuned for trip updates…

New Deals
The only major news this week in the card world is Chase’s public bonus offer of 55,000 miles on the United MileagePlus Explorer Business card. Even if you own a business, I recommend getting a personal card from Chase first so you can establish your relationship with that important card issuer first. Here is Frugal Travel Guy’s report on the new bonus offer: Increased Sign-Up Bonus for Chase United MileagePlus Business Card

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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