Early March Menards Haul

There were 5 ad flyers running concurrently on Sunday, so I loaded up! Everything you see here was purchased from February 22nd to March 8th. I used rebate checks to buy it all, for a total of $0.00:

Menards Haul Early March 2015

  • 10 each of 6 oz, 8oz, and 12 oz locking storage jars
  • 2 stain brushes
  • 6 paint brushes
  • 2 edging paint brushes
  • 2 bags of rubber bands
  • 2 spray bottles of furniture polish
  • 2 duster kits with 24 refills
  • 4 decorative shelf brackets
  • 4 freeze cube mason jar cups
  • 4 insulated tumblers
  • 6 hose-end spray bottles of insecticide

That brings my running total of free Menards stuff to $4,336.83! There’s a lot of useful stuff in this particular haul, but most of it will probably end up at the flea market or a garage sale.

To learn how you can get hauls like this for free from Menards, read my page about the Menards free after rebate system.

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