Weekly Review (March 23, 2015)

I redeemed 8,750 My SA Rewards points for the 0.50/gallon gas coupon and used it on double coupon Tuesday this week. I pumped $26.50 in free gas on that purchase. That brings my total free gas (for work commute miles only) to $139.84 since January 1st! Learn how I did it at my free gas tactical page.

I did my monthly spreadsheet update for my wife’s and my credit card accounts. In the past month we:

  • redeemed no points or miles
  • earned 1,895 airline miles
  • earned 8,443 hotel points
  • earned 1,193 Ultimate Rewards/other points
  • avoided $99.47 in interest charges

New Posts this Week
Are you too disorganized for this stuff? NO! is a response to those who have told me they just couldn’t keep due dates, card info, bonus requirements, etc. straight; and therefore can’t get into the credit card game. I explain how you may not have to be as organized as you think. And when you stop and think about the costs and benefits of making yourself do the minimum amount of organization to make this work, it’s well worth your effort.

Website Update
The to-do list of modifications I need to make to the site layout and design code keeps growing, but I have had no time to devote to it. Running a website as a one-man show is hard!

Those of you following ValueTactics on Facebook will need to update your bookmarks and “like” the new page here. The combination of my ignorance and Facebook’s complete lack of customer service* has resulted in the need for a reborn page.

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

* I originally made a Facebook account for ValueTactics using the name “Value Tactics” and created the first ValueTactics Facebook page with that account.  It turns out Facebook doesn’t allow “fake” accounts with an alias.  I tried to move the page to my personal account, but over the years Facebook has literally removed all methods of contacting a person.  All avenues of help end up making their way to the help forum, which doesn’t seem to be monitored by Facebook staff.  After about 2 hours of frustration I decided to cut my losses and just create a new page with my personal account (like I should have done in the first place).

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