Weekly Review (Monthly Version 2)

(This is a data recovered post, originally published on June 8th, 2015.)

Would you look at that!  This update conveniently covers the period from May 8th to June 8th, making this the second monthly “weekly” update in a row.  Yes, life continues to be extremely busy, and this website is definitely a part-time endeavor for me.  Let’s get on with the update:

As far as free gas goes, I only had $38.53 in the past 4 weeks.  (This is really only 3 weeks worth since I spent the past week in one location and hence there were no commute miles).

On the Menards front there is a new round of sales up and running.  The Crazy Days 3 day sale was this last weekend, but I could only get to the store on the 3rd day (Sunday) so one item was sold out (mosquito repellant spray).  I had planned on setting up at a large nearby flea market 2 weekends ago, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  I also found out that I had way more stuff than I thought, so getting it all packed up was a chore, as will be setting it all up to sell.  I’ve been collecting free stuff from Menards for almost 2 years and it completely fills up my dad’s Chevy Tahoe and a 4×8′ trailer about 3 feet high!  I can’t tie up these vehicles any longer, so the flea market will probably be a “go” this Saturday, despite the questionable weather forecast as of the time of this writing.  If you want to check out my stuff, I’ll be at Wright County Swapper’s Meet in South Haven, MN this Saturday!

Website Update
Despite the last of recent posts, I have been doing a lot of writing about free travel and related value tactics.  Posts in the hopper include a review and cost-breakdown of my first ever points-redemption trip last summer; the long-awaited review of Nicoleen’s and my Jamaican vacation this winter; and a posts related to other value tactics and strategies.

Travel News
June is here already.  It’s travel season!  I have an annual weekend camping trip planned at the end of this month, and less than 2 weeks into July is our 10 year anniversary trip!  Details of that trip will be revealed shortly.  In the meantime, like ValueTactics on Facebook and follow us @ValueTactics so you can keep up to date!

Credit Card News
There are so many good card offers right now I can’t even keep track of them all.  This is partially due to the fact that I’m avoiding acquiring new cards for the time being as we may be applying for a new mortgage within the next year.  Not being able to apply for new cards makes Ross unhappy, and he starts writing in 3rd person.

If you want to know the biggest news, however, it’s probably the arrival of theCiti Thank You Premier card, which has an awesome sign up bonus and really great daily spend category bonuses.  Check out frugaltravelguy’s review here.

I have new referral links for the always-good Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Chase Ink Plus, the business version with additional benefits (including 5x points on telephone and internet bills and purchases from office supply stores).  Send me an e-mail if you’re considering one of these cards and I’ll e-mail you a link so I get some referral points.  It’s a win-win!

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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