Weekly Update (October 20, 2015)

Just a quick update this week.  Not a lot going on in our personal points and miles world, but I did get $32.96 in free gas this week!  I’m still on my Menards-withdrawal rehab program, but in the next week or so I need to go through all my product stored in the garage and bring in all the non-freezables (winter is coming to MN).  Maybe after some reorganization I’ll decide I have some space for a few small new purchases.

Website News
I published no new posts this week, but there are several in the hopper, including one on our credit card application strategy in light of recent developments with Chase’s approval process.  Valuetactics.com might be moving servers again in the near future.  I promise it will go smoothly this time 🙂

Around the Web
One of my favorite posts I read this week was Scott from Milevalue.com, reporting on the fun time he had in the first class bar on-board an Emirates flight.  Looks like he had a great time!  Yet another free travel feat to aspire to.

(Sorry about the date of this post, folks.  Apparently you have to hit the “Publish” button to actually publish the post, and not just have a draft saved for a few days 🙂 )

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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