Weekly Update (October 26, 2015)

I hit the credit card and point research hard this weekend in preparation for our next round of card apps. I also did my monthly card and point update.  Here’s a summary of our points earned and used:

  • earned 2,321 airline miles
  • earned 1,209 Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • spent 1,277 Wells Fargo Rewards points towards $12.77 of a $25 Subway gift card

It’s been a slow week for free gas.  We’re out of coupons for this month already and don’t have enough points to redeem for the big ($25) coupon yet.  I managed to get $4.50 in free gas this week.

New Posts This Week
2015 AMEX Small Business Saturday Statement Credit contains an important lesson for anyone interested in value tactics.  Read the post to gain the wisdom!

Credit Card News
The general consensus lately, especially for Chase, is that it’s better to have some credit limit overhead than to keep your limits high in order to raise your credit score via your credit utilization percentage.  In preparation for a Chase application I sent private messages requesting decreases in credit limits for a couple of my Chase cards.  By next week’s update I should have a report on whether or not it did any good.

UPDATE: Since starting to draft this post, I decided to apply for our next round of cards.  I’ll report back next week, but here’s a preview….

Within our grasp…

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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