Playing Catch-Up (January 2016)

It’s been another long stretch of time between posts and I am sorry for that.  I’m still cruising along, working my day job and managing a household with my wife, 5 kids, and a dog.  There hasn’t been much personal news for my on the credit card front but I continue to accumulate points and miles!

I know this is pretty late, but here’s the summary of our personal points and miles earning for January:

  • earned 15,541 airline miles
  • earned 1,095 hotel points
  • earned 52,788 Citi Thank-You points
  • earned 898 Chase Ultimate Rewards

Free Gas News
It’s been a slow start to the year for me in terms of free gas.  I started the year with almost no points built up and the low gas prices have meant slow point accumulation (actually a good thing for gas expense, but not as fun!)  In January I got $30.00 free gas by using free gas tactics.

Starting next week, I will have a new position at work which will reduce my commute to 25% of my current 160 daily miles!  This will drastically reduce the numbers in my free gas report, but it will also drastically reduce my total expense in that regard, so it’s a good thing.

Travel News
Nicoleen and I are excited about our Hawaii trip in September!  Because we’ll be arriving in the evening, we wanted to find a cheap hotel near the airport to spend our first night.  That way, we can maximize the time spent at the Hyatt Andaz, which we’ll be staying at the next 4 nights.  I took advantage of this e-mail offer I got to book the 1 night:
4000 free AAdvantage miles for clicking a few buttons and signing up for the Rocketmiles account!  Now that our “extra” night is booked, the last piece of the planning puzzle will be to get a rental car lined up.

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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