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Menards Haul – Spring 2015

Here’s my Menards haul from the last month. It totals $203.25.  I somehow managed to get to Menards and max my limit on all the sale items during crazy work month.  To find out about how I get this stuff for free, check out the free stuff from Menards page.
Here’s what you’re looking at:

  • 12 elastomeric blacktop crack filler tubes
  • 1 36″ stainless steel yardstick*
  • 12 paint brushes
  • 4 wiper blades
  • 1 10-pack dust masks
  • 2 pair tinted safety glasses
  • 3 NoDoz berry shot 6-packs (limit was 48)
  • 4 hose-end spray bottles of house wash
  • 4 cleaning cloth 3-packs

This spring has been riddled with 11% sales, which is great if you have some projects that require supplies or materials.  But it’s bad for free stuff, since the 11% sale never coincides with free-after-rebate deals.

Stay up to date on current deals at Menards by checking their ad flyers page.

Menards Haul (with unadvertised rebate items!)

Over the last two weeks I picked up $179.51 in free stuff from Menards! And more importantly, I found out what happens when you buy a rebate item from a sale that has expired, but that still has the sign up in the store.
On Wednesday evening I went into the store to buy the current week’s free-after-rebate items. Since it was so late in the week, I missed out on 4x Loctite Repair Putty (they were sold out in all nearby stores). But I maxed my quantities on all the other items from the flyers:

  • 4  pop-up cotton towels 8-pack
  • 1  36″ stainless steel yardstick*
  • 10  electronics wipes 20-pack
  • 2  jar/bottle opener
  • 1  stain brush
  • 5  paint brushes

* Limit was 2 but I was out of rebate checks and didn’t want to invest any more real money into this tactic.

Then I started spotting free-after-rebate items that I hadn’t seen on any advertisements.  There may have been even more of these items, but I didn’t take the time to check every corner of the store.  Here are the additional items I picked up for free:

  • 4  rug grippers
  • 10  colorful Loom Bandz bracelet kits (no quantity limit!)
  • 6  [low quality / outdated] Nintendo DS and Wii games (no quantity limit!)

I also found rolls of wallpaper and wallpaper borders free-after-rebate with no quantity limit, but I decided they weren’t worth my trouble (or storage space).

When I put the 6 video games in my cart, I considered looking up their current prices online and returning to the store the next day if they were worth anything.  I’m glad I decided to just pick up 6 of them that night, because when I was getting my rebate forms before leaving the store, I realized the register hadn’t printed a rebate receipt for the games.  When I asked about it at the service counter, they discovered that the sign had been accidentally left up, and the sale had ended the day before (March 31st).  I asked if I would have to return them, but the associate told me they have a way of working around their computer system when trying to print rebate receipts for expired sale items.  So instead of getting a rebate receipt, they printed me a rebate check on the spot!

The new flyer starts tomorrow.  The only free-after-rebate items I saw is the ever popular SealBest Elastomeric Blacktop Crack Filler (limit 6) and a 10-pack of dust masks (limit 1).

Stay up to date on current deals at Menards by checking their ad flyers page.


Early March Menards Haul

There were 5 ad flyers running concurrently on Sunday, so I loaded up! Everything you see here was purchased from February 22nd to March 8th. I used rebate checks to buy it all, for a total of $0.00:

Menards Haul Early March 2015

  • 10 each of 6 oz, 8oz, and 12 oz locking storage jars
  • 2 stain brushes
  • 6 paint brushes
  • 2 edging paint brushes
  • 2 bags of rubber bands
  • 2 spray bottles of furniture polish
  • 2 duster kits with 24 refills
  • 4 decorative shelf brackets
  • 4 freeze cube mason jar cups
  • 4 insulated tumblers
  • 6 hose-end spray bottles of insecticide

That brings my running total of free Menards stuff to $4,336.83! There’s a lot of useful stuff in this particular haul, but most of it will probably end up at the flea market or a garage sale.

To learn how you can get hauls like this for free from Menards, read my page about the Menards free after rebate system.

First Menards Haul of 2015

It’s been a slow couple of weeks on the Menards front.  They opened 2015 with back to back 11% rebate weeks, meaning all the regular sales go bye-bye, including free after rebate items.  But this Sunday there are three concurrent ads running again.  Here’s what I managed to get for free after rebate so far in 2015:


  • 3  black plastic boot trays
  • 4  ratchet clamps
  • 4  pairs Nitrile-dipped gloves
  • 1  7″ plywood saw blade
  • 4  Mini dust pans and brooms
  • 4  7″ metal grinding wheels

That brings my running total of free Menards stuff to $4124.39!  Those clamps seem to always come in handy, and the boot trays are great for keeping the floor clean during Minnesota winters.  Any of these items will probably sell at a garage sale or flea market.

To learn how you can get hauls like this for free from Menards, read my page about the Menards free after rebate system.