Personal Hotel Scoring System

This system only reflects my personal taste and pet peeves with hotels.  Your opinions probably differ as to what’s important and what’s desirable.  But with this explanation, you can apply my scores to any hotel I review and hopefully derive some useful information from the review.


Many budget and mid-range hotels now offer an included breakfast.  It’s becoming a standard amenity and I like that.  I give breakfasts a high score that: include hot food, include salty foods (not just cereal, toast, and doughnuts), have some quicker and/or to-go options, have some variety on a day to day basis.

Room Decor

I like my guest room to look nice.  While I value cleanliness and condition higher, decor and design are still important.  Some extra effort to coordinate the furnishings in a room and provide decent furnishings goes a long way with me.  Television quality and size fit into this category


This is utterly important to a positive visit for me.  I shouldn’t have to avoid hair, dust, unknown smears, grime, fingerprints, or any other signs of uncleanliness when I pay to rent a room.


Condition is closely related to cleanliness, but the two don’t always go hand in hand.  For example, an aging hotel can still be spotlessly clean, despite the occasional cracked tile, drywall repair, or scratched woodwork.

Public Areas

This includes work-out facilities, lobby, sitting areas, etc.  They get high scores for me if they provide the intended ambiance, have useful features such as public computers or  newspapers, and are generally pleasant to spend time in.

Shower Water Pressure/Hardness

This might not make sense to you depending on which region of the world you’re from, but in most of Minnesota, there is a high mineral content in the ground water.  Without a softening system some water won’t support soap lather and makes you feel like you’re showering in a rain of rust flakes.  Many hotels choose to skimp on their softening systems.  The pressure is self explanatory.  I won’t stand for timid shower heads.


Hotel pools should be warm enough to be comfortable.  They should not be so strongly chlorinated that it peels your skin off.  Water slides, fountains, infinity edges, and other features are nice bonuses.  A hot tub is almost a requirement.  Cleanliness, condition, and decor all apply to what I’m looking for in a hotel pool.


I like firm mattresses.


Pillows need to be the right size so I can achieve the correct height by either using one or stacking two.  They should also be the right softness…not too bouncy and not too limp.  Oh, and there needs to be at least 4 per sleeper.

Room Amenities

This includes coffee maker (and quality of in-room coffee), absence or presence (and quality) or microwave and mini-fridge, extra chairs, writing desks, free shampoo and soaps, and towels.

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