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Semi-Monthly Update (May 18, 2017)

In this update: Current credit card elevated bonuses, my card dilemma, recent blog posts, around the web, and website news.

First, a change of plans-  My plans for a huge garage sale this Saturday have been postponed due to weather.  You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for a report on how many giant soccer balls and Menards free stuff I will be able to move.  No one wants to go garage sale-ing in crappy weather, which is what’s forecast through Saturday.

Credit Card News

There are a few cards with higher than usual sign-up bonuses at the moment:

ValueTactics reader Nidakeed sent in this pic of the offer he received for the brand new US Bank Altitude Reserve.

ValueTactics reader Nidakeed sent in this pic of the offer he received for the brand new US Bank Altitude Reserve.

Now for my dilemma:  Notice two of these three cards are from Chase?  I cannot get a Chase card because of the blasted 5/24 rule.  And any good card offers I take advantage of from other banks would put me even further into the hole on 5/24, putting these great Chase offers even further out of my reach.  I stand by my original assessment of this 5/24 rule: it IS a game changer.

Recent ValueTactics Blog Posts

Hotel Review: Hilton Amsterdam is a long overdue review of the free night we spent in Amsterdam at the end of our 10 year anniversary trip.  The stay was free, plus we got some nice perks!  Worth a read.
Why my Shed is Full of 40″ Giant Soccer Balls  Well . . . if you’re wondering what this one is all about, just read the post! 🙂

Around the Web

I came across this little gem this week whist surfing my frequent read list.  Regular readers already know how much I love MileValue, and this post is a perfect example of why.  Scott compiled this table comparing the miles required by different major frequent flier programs over a year ago.  He keeps it updated and I regularly use it as a reference.  Here’s the link; it’s worth a bookmark:
Comparison of United, Delta, & American Airlines Latest 2017 Award Charts

Website News

Drumroll please . . .YouTube_logo_2013.svg

I’m expanding to YouTube!

The ValueTactics YouTube channel will feature custom content: card reviews, trip reviews, strategy, tactics, news, etc.  Basically the same things covered here, but in a different format.  There are several reasons for this new expansion, which I will explain further in an upcoming post when the channel goes live.  In a nutshell: it’s easier to explain this stuff verbally than to write about it.

Don’t worry though!  ValueTactics will remain a regularly updated blog as well!

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!