Regrouping After a Hiatus

hiatusI just got done with a string of 70+ hour weeks (not counting my 3 hour daily round trip commute). April is the busy part of the year for three different aspects of my work, so it’s always go time. This year was especially bad, with a very active fire season and more acres than usual of tree planting to supervise. In order to survive the work-storm, I basically had to ignore the rest of the universe. So how do I clean up the mess left by 3 weeks of neglecting everything? Piece by piece. I’m using this blog post to both organize my thoughts, and to offer tips to others like me who have had to put there value tactics on hold for a time.

First of all, throughout the work-storm I knew nothing too horrible would happen. I have automatic payments set up on all our credit card accounts. As long as my minimum payments are made on time, my credit score is secure.

While my credit score was safe, there are 3 aspects of my hobby that suffered in varying degrees from my neglect. The first is tracking and recording. As I pointed out in these blog posts maintaining records of everything related to your value tactics is not really necessary. But for me, tracking and recording is part of the fun, and it’s also how I get the data to prove to Nicoleen that all my obsessing is worth while. It’s not that hard to catch up my spreadsheets, but it does take some extra diligence and motivation.

The second aspect that suffered is evident to anyone reading this right now: It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, update, tweet, or facebook activity. As someone trying to run a website and get the word out on these great deals and tactics, a dead zone like that really hurts. There’s nothing I can do about that now, so it’s time to move on…

The third aspect I fell behind on during my hiatus is all the new deals I have been missing! I managed to keep up with Menards free-after-rebate items, but there have been credit card offers popping up all over the place, and I didn’t so much as read a single blog post about them in the past 3 weeks. Becoming re-apprised of the current card offer situation takes a little extra time and a little extra reading, but it can be done in an evening. I’m not out of the woods yet at work, but hopefully as the pace slows down in the coming weeks I can catch up and pass along the awesome deals and offers to you, my faithful readers!

The road to recovery
I have to keep reminding myself that it will only get harder and harder to catch up with things every day I put it off. Piece by piece is the way to do it. I took my own advice and forced myself to write this blog post tonight, even though I really wanted to just go to bed! Hopefully you’ll be reading more of my catch up blogs posts, including a big weekly update, shortly!

Thanks for reading.

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