Half an Update

My apologies for the lack of updates, folks.  It’s the busy season at work and I’ve been running from one fire to the next (some days literally!).  Since I had to skip the last weekly review, consider this a preview of the upcoming bi-weekly catch-up review.

Menards has it’s 11% sale again this week, so there are no free-after-rebate items.  On Tuesday I used the big gas coupon, for $1.00 off per gallon on 25 gallons.  In the past week and a half, I’ve used free gas tactics to get 31.18 in free gas!

For the first time in my life, I owed money back on income taxes.  How better to turn a bad situation into a good one than to earn some miles or points by paying the man!  Part of the intent for my last round of card apps was to utilize this guaranteed spend.  Expect to see a full post on this in the coming days.

That’s all for now; my 5 minutes of peace are over.  Back to the grindstone…

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