Weekly Review (June 22, 2015)

(This is a data recovered post, originally published on June 22nd, 2015.)

I just finished tallying our monthly credit card stats tonight.  I got my bonus from my Chase IHG card, which helped the hotel points category quite a bit.  Two new Menards flyers started over the weekend but neither had any free-with-rebate items.  Are they slowing down the rebate program?  I cashed in 8750 My SA Rewards points on Tuesday and got the $25 free gas coupon.  My total free gas for the week was $30.25.

As I said, here’s the June report on our points and miles:

  • redeemed no points or miles
  • earned 321 airline miles
  • earned 70,926 hotel points
  • earned 2,773 Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • earned 2,345 “other” points (Wells Fargo Rewards, Barclay Arrival Miles, Citi Cash)
  • avoided $118.03 in interest charges

I can also now announce the Flea Market profits.  I made $201.81 on Menards stuff alone, and an additional $35.36 on giant soccer balls (I’m seller GreatWhiteNorth), plus $11.63 on miscellaneous stuff I was selling.  The full review of the event is still in process.

New Posts this Week
My First Points Redemption – Europe 2014 is my long overdue review of the trip I took last summer.  The post gives an overview of the trip and outlines the net costs after applying value tactics during the planning and execution.
Wedding Anniversary Trip Clues #5 & 6 had a mountain theme and, with the help of you readers, knocked Hawaii and South America out of the running!

Travel News
earth-11015_640Our anniversary trip is now two weeks away!!  Keep an eye out for my “clue” posts and help Nicoleen solve the mystery of where we’re going!  When you get a chance, please like ValueTactics on Facebook and follow us @ValueTactics to stay updated on all things Value Tactics!

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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