Weekly Update (September 15, 2015)

I had a lot going on this week at home and at work, so there’s not much to update. I only filled up once with gas, so I saved $2.18 in gas since the last update. I’ve been doing a lot of home remodeling projects and car repairs recently. Saving money on labor when possible by doing repairs oneself is a simplistic value tactic. Of course it takes time to do your own work but it’s also satisfying to do your own work sometimes, so that adds some value.

New Posts this Week
No new posts this week; too busy!

Credit Card News
We are spending toward 2 different bonus offers at the moment, both for American Airlines miles.  I got a retention offer on my Citi AAdvantage card a few months ago where I get 1000 bonus miles for every statement in which I have at least $1000 net spending.  I wasn’t working on any other bonuses so I decided to take advantage of that offer last month.
bonus 1000
The retention offer was good for the next 16 statements.  ValueTactics reader Nidakeed reports success in stacking these bonuses when getting the same offer two years in a row.  During the 3-4 months of overlap, you will earn 2000 bonus miles on the >$1000 monthly spend.

The other offer we’re working on is one I previously mentioned on Nicoleen’s Barclay Aviator Red card.  She gets 15,000 bonus miles if she spends $500 or more in September, October, and November.  Piece of cake and a lot of bonus miles!

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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