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More Evidence of ValueTactics Fanaticism

A few months ago I posted this photo of a pile of credit card activation stickers I didn’t even realize I had collected:

Well, it happened again!

A few days ago I looked down at my desk and noticed I had a pretty decent sized pile of assorted value tactics related stuff going:

zealotry2Let’s analyze the contents a bit.

  • Menards rebate check (below the credit cards)
  • Menards rebate receipt, waiting to be sent in
  • Several recently cancelled credit cards
  • Several currently in-use credit cards not part of my regular wallet
  • Credit card activation stickers from various banks

Having all this stuff is probably bad enough, but when it’s allowed to pile up, unnoticed, for weeks because it’s so integrated into my normal every day routine…have I gone too far? 
You tell me…

Signs of a Credit Card Zealot

(This is a data recovered post, originally published on August 1st, 2015.)

To make room for the new baby coming early next month, I am in the process of converting my office into a bedroom.  Moving my computer desk and all my other various belongings is quite a disruption, but it gives me an excuse to do some thorough cleaning and reorganizing.

Today my cleaning efforts revealed a corner of my computer desk where I discovered a horde of credit card activation stickers that I had been idly and inadvertently collecting for a couple of months:
It was about 2 months ago when I last cleaned my desk, which means I’ve activated at least this many cards since then.  Do normal people have this type of mess lying around their work space?  Are scattered traces of credit card and loyalty program sign-ups a regular feature in your home?  Or am I becoming some sort of credit card zealot?  If so, I’m proud to be!