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Barclay Announces Website “Improvements”

Oh look, Barclay is “improving your online experience!”

Barclay's website improvement announcement
If it’s anything like the dozens of other website revamps I’ve seen in the past 2 years, here’s what “improvements” they’ll be making:

  • Lots of new empty spaces
  • Large, custom fonts
  • Loss of visual distinction between interactive and non-interactive elements
  • Much more scrolling required
  • Resource-heavy animations
  • Huge empty padding around important text

Sorry, this critique relates more to web design than credit cards, but I’ve seen a lot of good account management websites of various types (banking, credit cards, student loans, utility bills) go this route recently.  I just couldn’t help myself; I had to rant :p

When I use the internet on my desktop computer I want a website; not a smartphone app.  My computer’s web browser is not a cell phone.  Stop treating it like one.