Bi-Weekly Update (June 27, 2016)

In this update: our points and miles totals for May, a review of recent ValueTactics posts, a report of recent vacation activity, and a look forward to upcoming free vacation action!

With my vastly lowered commuting mileage I’ve not been saving as much on gas lately, although the percentage savings tends to hover around the 17-18% mark, just like when I was driving 180 miles a day.  I’ve decided to start tracking all my gas savings; not just commute mileage.  In May I pumped 14.86 in free gas.

With one bonus from our last round of card apps hitting in May, we had a pretty good month in the points and miles department!

  • earned 87,680 hotel points
  • earned 3,094 ‘other’ points
  • earned 901 Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • transferred 1,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards to United miles to restart the expiration timer

New ValueTactics Blog Posts
More Evidence of ValueTactics Fanaticism shows just how addicting this hobby can get!  Check it out for a telling photograph of my computer desk.
An AAvalanche of Bonus Miles Offers takes a look at some of the periodic bonus offers run by American Airlines credit cards.  With a little directed spending and card shuffling, I should end up with about 20k American Airlines bonus miles in a month or two!

Travel News
Two weeks ago the family and I (minus the baby) took our first real summer vacation together . . . with the aid of some points programs of course!  Our destination was the Black Hills of South Dakota where we stayed one night in a hotel and 3 nights camping.  We saw a selection of all the major sights in the area, and we learned a fair bit about traveling with small kids.  Stay tuned to and the ValueTactics Facebook page for a full report of the trip, including cost breakdown and a hotel review.

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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