Last Chance for Double Coupon Tuesday

Tomorrow, August 30th, is your last chance to get some major value at Super America gas stations by doubling a coupon.  You could save $25 by pumping 25 gallons of gas with a doubled $0.50 coupon.  It’s a great deal, but alas – Double Coupon Tuesday will be discontinued after this week, making tomorrow the last eligible day for this awesome tactic.

In the past 2.5 years I have saved approximately $1,000 using coupons at Super America stations.  Over half of those coupons were used on Double Coupon Tuesdays, so I attribute almost $500 in savings to having my coupons doubled.
Free Gas on Double Coupon Tuesday

If you have any My SA Rewards points,

. . .tomorrow is your last chance to redeem them at the higher rate (I estimate $2.84 per thousand points).  After tomorrow those big $0.50 coupons will eternally be worth only a mere $0.50 per gallon.  That will bring their value down to $1.42 per thousand points.

Take Action; Do Not Despair

If you have been hoarding My SA Rewards points, now is the time to use them.  For details on how to maximize the value of these points, please review my free gas tactical page, where I detail how I have saved hundreds of dollars by using this coupon method.  If you just filled up or if you never bothered to get a My SA Rewards card, don’t worry. . .

Whenever programs change for the worse or deals disappear, I always give the same advice: Use it as a lesson to create a bit of urgency for yourself (there’s no better time to start saving money than now!), but don’t despair.  Deals and opportunities come and go all the time.  The trick is to stay alert, read daily, and make sure you don’t miss the boat the next time around!

facebook likeIf you’re still confused on how to get some last minute value out of Double Coupon Tuesday at Super America stations before it is discontinued, “like” the ValueTactics Facebook page and contact me on there.  I’d love to walk you through it!

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