Semi-Monthly Update (March 23, 2017)

In this update: an excuse (everybody loves those), a personal update, some credit card recommendations, recent travel news, and some reader success stories.

Personal News

This is the excuse.  I haven’t posted since the early March semi-monthly update I’m sorry about that.  I have plenty to write about, but it’s been hard to find any time to do so.  For new readers and those who don’t know me personally: for my day job I’m a forester.  My agency is the primary responsible entity in the state for wildfire suppression, and spring is the busy season.  Pretty much everything at work (and at home) gets put on hold until things green up.

The burning woods that kept my out until 4:00 AM this morning.

The burning woods that kept me out until 4:00 AM this morning.

In fact in 2015 I got so busy with work that I only uploaded 2 blog posts in a 7 week period.  I was so far behind I even wrote a post about how to pick up the pieces after a long hiatus.

Credit Card News

I was recently asked, “What’s the best single credit card for a small business?”  When I give my full response to the person, I will be recommending the new Chase Ink Business Preferred.  It’s similar to the Chase Ink Plus (read my full review of the Ink Plus here) but with a larger sign-up bonus (80,000 points).  You can no longer apply for the Ink Plus so the Business Preferred is currently the best Ultimate Reward earning business card.  While you wait for my review of the new business card, you can read about it and apply at the official Chase page for the Ink Business Preferred.

I have my eye on the SPG Amex card I mentioned in my previous update post.  I’m currently exploring other card options I might want to apply for at the same time as the Amex.  The 35,000 point bonus offer is only good through April 5th.

ValueTactics Readers are Winning

I’m always thrilled to see readers’ success stories!  Whether they learned the tactic on this site or elsewhere, I love hearing about people maximizing value and getting free stuff.  Here are some recent examples:

And finally, VT readers Derek and Danie recently returned back from their free vacation in the Dominican Republic.  I have seen some awesome pictures from their trip and I hope we can co-author a full review of the trip soon!

Now you’re updated. Go employ some Value Tactics!

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